Open Access Tools

As more and more funders and governments are requiring their researchers to publish Open Access, researchers need a better overview of their options to publish Open Access at low cost. In The Netherlands many deals have been made with large and medium publishing companies to incorporate the cost of Open Access publishing in the journal subscription rates. This means researchers from Dutch universities can publish at reduced or even without Article Publishing Costs in selected journals. The Journal List provides an index of the latest journal deals as provided by

A problem we have to face with requirements for Open Access is the proof to the funder that the article is open. This can either be paid for open or Open Access without costs in the form of an author's version. To keep all articles together and improve the accessibility to articles (believe me, it is hard to see if an article in a hybrid journal is Open Access), universities prefer to share a copy via their repository. To see what is possible with a certain article, you can check its doi in the Green Options.