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A lot has changed since information on new research articles came out in journal volumes called abstracts. Not just the way in which information is disseminated has changed: the sheer volume of new articles getting published each year, ask for new skills in retrieving the most relevant information.

Other trends in scholarly publishing have influenced the way we think of our scientific literature as well. How can I improve my reach as a researcher? Should it be Open Access? What does it mean to be mentioned on social media? Do journals have a future in publishing? What role does research data play in publishing?

This website and blog tries to get to the bottom of publishing and publishing technology. Its aim is to develop easy to use tools and give well-founded advise on issues in scholarly publishing.

To us the  modern library faces the following challenges:

  • Connectivity: couple old and new research through data & text mining
  • Multidisciplinarity: bring fields together
  • Visibility: new ways to disseminate and get noticed as a researcher
  • Social Impact: track the public reaction
  • Reusability: find new audiences for our special collections

In solving these challenges we will use common sense and basic technology (php, Java, Javascript) and we will take guidance from encouragements, frustrations and ideas our patrons have.